According to the latest survey report, carbonated drinks are already the most popular beverage products.Because of its unique taste, it has won the favor of the elderly, children and adults. Although the nutritional value of carbonated beverages has long been controversial, it does not affect its sales at all. Carbonated beverage industry has become a fast-growing industry. How to produce carbonated beverages has always been a neglected problem. Today, we will introduce the carbonated plastic bottle filling machine, which is one of the main equipment of carbonated beverage production line.

The function of this machine is to clean plastic bottles. It packs carbonated soft drinks in bottles and seals them with caps.The machine is made of 304 stainless steel and the beverage contact part is made of 316 stainless steel.Its biggest advantage is that it can produce up to 10,000 bottles per hour for 500 ml plastic bottles.filling machine


1. Using the technology of direct connection between air inlet passage and mobile wheel, screw and conveyor chain are cancelled, which makes the bottle deformation easier.

2. Bottle transmission adopts clamp bottleneck technology. Bottle deformation transformation does not need to adjust the equipment level. It only needs to replace the relevant bending plates, wheels and nylon parts.

3. The clamp of stainless steel bottle washer specially designed is strong and durable, and does not contact with the screw position at the bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution.

4. High-speed and large-flow valve filling valve, filling fast, accurate filling, no liquid loss.

5. The spiral of the output bottle decreases, and the height of the conveyor chain does not need to be adjusted to change the shape of the bottle.

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