The continuous development of a company’s innovative technology represents the progress of a company. Every innovation is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of all employees of the company.

Recently, Sheenstar launched a new juice filling machine, the full name is: 15000BPH Plastic Bottle Juice Filling Machine with big fruit pulp. When the product started trial operation, ours were shocked. The capabilities of this machine far surpass other machines of the same kind.

juice filling machine

This Plastic Bottle Juice filling machinewith big fruit pulpcan produce 15000bottles bottled juice with big fruit pulpper hour. The juice filling machine havetwo washing part, one big fruit pulp filling part, one juice filling part, and last one is capping part.

Regarding washing parts, one is for sterilizing the empty bottle with disinfectant, and anotheris for cleaningthe plastic bottle by pure water, after that plastic bottlesgo to filling part for filling fruit pulp and juiceintothe bottles, finally capping the bottles. The caps are passed to the sterilization channelbythe cap elevator then the caps gointothe capping part.

juice filling machine

Advantage of Our 15000BPHPlastic BottleJuice Filling Machine with Big Fruit Pulp

All the machine are made of stainless steel.

All electrical components arefrom famous brandsover all the world.

Automatic operation will savelabor cost.

Are you interested in our new products, then pick up the phone and contact us immediately.

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