In mid-December, the production and commissioning of the 15000bphwater production line was completed. The customer came to the factory to inspect the machines. They were very satisfied with the smooth-running production line and gave a very high evaluation. The final payment will be arranged on the day of the inspection. The Sheenstar workshop will immediately prepare the delivery items and carefully check the invoices one by one. It gives customer free accessories with the woodencase.


Our technicians are also checked all our water filling machinesto ensure that our products will maintain its best condition when it arrives in Ethiopia. We are also very grateful to our hard-working staff for their support of this export plan.

When the machine arrives at the customer’s factory, Sheenstar will arrange familiar engineers in the area to install and debug the machine and provide customers with operational training so that the machine can be used reasonably and the value of the machine will be maximized. We devote ourselves tothe development, research and production of water and beverage packing andfillingindustry.We wish all our customer’s factory business is booming. Welcome to inquire and visit Sheenstarfactory.

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