This juice production line is the second production line purchased by this American customer from sheenstar company.

This is a complete fruit juice beverage production line, from pre processing of fruit juice, to blowing, bottling, bottle washing, filling, sealing, bottle pouring, sterilization, spraying, to labeling machines, cardboard box half tray packaging machines, and so on.

This production line will produce 4 different bottle types and different labels. We test running all bottle types in the workshop and took videos one by one for customer acceptance. The customer is very satisfied. After paying the final payment, we shipped the equipment on time, along with the tools required for debugging and installation, as well as the machine user manual. The engineer of sheenstar company has already obtained an office visa in advance. After the machine arrives at the customer’s factory, our engineer will immediately set out to install and debug the machine at the customer’s factory, and train relevant operators to use and maintain the machine correctly.

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