The good news is that not long ago, Sheenstar received another order from Botswana. After understanding the performance of our company’s machine products, the customer chose us decisively and ordered us a whole water filling production line.

This customer of Botswana asked us about the performance of the water production line a few months ago, but due to the epidemic, the customer could not come to the Sheenstar factory to see the operation of the entire water line. So we use the way of video with customers to let them know our products more clearly. During the video process, if customers have any questions, we have made professional answers to them. Customers trust our professionalism and trust our product quality. An order was placed on us after the video ended.

The water fillingproduction line has an hourly output of 5000 bottles for 500ML plastic bottles.

The whole water filling line mainly includes semi-automatic bottle sorting machine, washing-filling-sealing 3 in 1 machine, air drying machine, sticker labeling machineand film shrink packing machine. The empty bottles are sent to the filling machine through the air conveying system, and the bottles come from one machine to the other by conveyors. All machines are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and long service life. All components are from world famous brands, with guaranteed quality.

water filling production line

This water production line has been debugged, running fast and stably. Remote video was also carried out with the customer during the debugging process.

Our business covers the whole country, and our inland and foreign customers are very satisfied with this production line.

We are happy to provide professional solutions and high-quality filling machines for manufacturers with filling needs. Please contact us if you have any questions, or you can come to our factory for on-site inspection.

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