This water filling machine is for filling mineral water, pure water and other drinking water into big plastic bottles such as 5liter to 15liter all are OK. It can make 2000 bottles water per hour.

The new design of roll ball is adopted for the capping part, this roll ball can reduce the pressure of the puller and save energy effectively.

The caps are transmitted from the cap elevator device to the sterilization channel, then reaches the sealing part and waiting for capping.

The high quality water filling machine is made of SUS304 or SUS316, the machine have a long service life and cleaning easier.

The part of the machine that is in contact with the material is made of stainless steel.In order to avoid air corrosion, the machine is designed with an exhaust device on the upper part of the closed cabinet, which avoids the corrosion of the electrical appliances by the air, thereby greatly reducing the failure rate of the electrical part.

5L-15L big plastic bottle water filling machine

Thismachine automatically discharges without residue and without dead angle. When the workshop is completed, the worker only needs to open the discharge valve of the material box to discharge the materialand click the touch screen to return the material, the filling machine will automatically return the material to the material box through the rotary valve, and then the suction head and the filling head .

The remaining material in the pipeline is sucked back into the material box and discharged through the discharge valve → the water valve is opened, and then the cleaning function is pressed on the touch screen and the device will automatically reciprocate (the number of cleaning times can be set)

It is convenient to replace the sealing ring. If the cylinder seal ring is damaged, you can press one key to replace the seal ring. The device will automatically push the remaining material in the cylinder into the feed box, and then automatically pull the piston out, which is convenient for replacing the seal ring.Also, it hashigh filling accuracy. This machine ensures the accuracy and anti-fatigue use of the filling machine.

That is the basic introduction of our 5L-15L big plastic bottle water filling machine. If you encounter any problems about anything, please feel free to send us inquiry and we will do our best toassist you to solve the issue.

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