Our company is a professional manufacturer of liquid filling machines. According to the types of filling liquids, they are divided into different production lines, such as drinking water filling line, fruit juice filling plant and beverage can production line. With superior quality and competitive price, our products are deeply loved by customers from all over the world. We have a professional team of engineers. They professionally and efficiently solve customers’problems with water filling machines. According to your needs, we will design the most suitable production line for you. Recently, we designed a linear liquid filling line for a customer from Dubai. The customer has accepted the machine and is very satisfied. This production line is one of our most important production lines.

drinking water filling machine

Linear liquid filling production line is composed of automatic linear liquid filling machine and other auxiliary machinery. Fully automatic linear filling machine is a fully automatic piston filling machine. The machine uses the up and down motion of the cylinder to drive the piston in the corresponding cylinder to reciprocate, so as to generate negative pressure in the front chamber of the cylinder and control the stroke of the cylinder with a signal valve. Therefore, the filling quantity can be adjusted to achieve accurate filling effect.This machine has many characteristics. Next, I’ll introduce it to you.

Product characteristics:

A. There are four filling heads. The capacity of 5L large bottle filling is 500 bottles per hour.

B. The design is compact and reasonable, the shape is simple and beautiful, and the filling quantity is easy to adjust.

C. The contact parts of materials are made of 316L stainless steel.

D. Easy to adjust, no bottle without filling, accurate filling quantity and counting function.

E.Using anti-drip and wire drawing filling stuffy head, anti-foaming filling lifting system, positioning system to ensure the location of bottle mouth and liquid level control system.

Of course, it’s just a production line for our main products. Each of our products is worth the customer’s possession. Our company has been committed to providing better service to customers. You are always welcome to inquire or visit the factory.

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