Our company was founded in 2010. Since its establishment, we have started to produce water and beverage filling line. We have professional R&D team and sales team. We provide customers with water filling production line, fruit juice production line, carbonated beverage production line and oil filling production line. Today, I would like to introduce our juice filling machine. This machine can fill 7000 bottles per hour.

7000bph juice filling machine

4 in 1 juice filling machine

The juice filling machine has two washing part,cause the customer use medium temperature filling,If customer use high temperature filling,only need one washing part.

1). The raw water will be purified and sterilized after passing through the water treatment system, and will be stored in the purified water storage tank;

2). The juice will be prepared by the juice preparation system, the prepared juice is stored in the insulation tank (for heat preservation) temporarily;

3). Automatic PET bottle blowing machine is connected with the water filling machine by the Air conveyor;

4). Prepared juice will be pumped into the juice filling machine; At the same time, empty bottles pass through the rinsing, filling and capping 3-in-1 monoblock, the bottles will be washed, filled and capped.

5). Bottled water goes out from the water filling machine and will be transferred to the bottle over-turn sterilizing machine, the cap and the bottle mouth will be sterilized after passing through the sterilizing machine, then the bottles will be transferred to the bottle cooling machine;

6). The bottles are getting dried after passing through the blowing dryer, and the dried bottle will go to the labeling machine and PE film shrink wrapping machine;

7). The packed bottled water will come out from the PE film shrink wrapping machine.

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