The advancement of technology and the changes of our times have brought many changes to our world, especially the complete waterproduction line, of course, including the barreledwater production line.

As a well-known manufacturer of water filling machines, we have won praises from many customers over the years, and have been building long-term trust with customers. This is the privilege given to us to produce today.

We promise to provide our customers with the best service and provide them with the right service, which has retained all our customers until today.

Most importantly, the usability of our machines for customers also makes them introduce us to other customers, and these customers also make our machines more prominent in the entire water injection production line and in the market.

Due to our well-known quality and experience, we have served the entire country’s barreled water production line and used machines in different countries such as the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany and Canada.

The workshop has recently arranged a product test machine. There is a customized 5 gallon barreled water production line in SHEENSTAR workshop. The whole line includes cap pulling machine, external brush machine and inside washing filling and capping machine. The de-cap machine of this line has been heightening according to the requirements of customers . All the machines are made of stainless steel 304, and the electrical components are from world famous brands, with high quality and guaranteed after-sales service.

900 Barrels per hour 5 gallon barreled water production line

This production line has been put into trial operation in the workshop recently, and the operation is fast and stable. Welcome to visitSHEENSTARfactory.

In the process of arranging the test machine, we will shoot videos or communicate with customers online to show customers our complete and well-run bottled water production line. Of course, the customer is very satisfied with our machine and highly praised it.

Features of our barrel filling machine:

1.level control filling

2.multiple rinsing and disinfection

3. belt type capping

4.automatic cap elevator

5.high degree of automation

6. separated control cabinet (touch screen, PLC), easy operate and maintaince

7. CE, SGS, ISO9001

We hope to establish business contact with you as soon as possible, please contact us for a better barreledwater production line.

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