On the evening of January 10, the company received customers to enter the factory for inspection.The customer tested a 900 BPH 20 liter barrel water filling line.In order to cooperate with customers’itinerary, our company’s workshop debugging and installation personnel debugged the machine well in advance. After customer inspection, they expressed their satisfaction with our machine.The 20-liter barreled water production line mainly includes puller, external rinser, internal rinsing, filling, sealing and labeling machine, as well as connecting and conveying.In order to avoid the pollution of the valve body to drinking water, the filling part of the machine adopts the latest technology – non-contact filling valve.


This water filling machine not only adopts advanced technology from abroad, but also independently develops according to the characteristics of our country. It adopts a large number of new technologies, new processes and new structures. It is of high quality. The bottle mouth is clamped between the splint plate and the upper forming plate and transported by a star wheel. In order to achieve three processes of cleaning, filling and sealing, all parts of the equipment in contact with liquid are made of imported stainless steel or food engineering plastics with wear resistance and ozone resistance. Most of its electrical systems are imported components. Because of the standardization of food hygiene, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, automatic control and perfect after-sales service, this machine is welcomed by customers at home and abroad.It is the ideal equipment for all kinds of beverage production enterprises.


Our company has been specializing in water filling industry for nearly 20 years. We have a good understanding of the whole industry and the needs of our customers. Our salespeople provide 24-hour online service.




water filling machine


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