At the beginning of the SHEENSTAR CO. was founded, joining Alibaba international, has 10years of cooperation. In order to provide customers with real manufacturing factory scene, Alibaba will entrust a third party like SGS, TUV each year to SHEENSTAR factory for on-site inspection, they will take the photo and video of workshop, office, production flow, processing equipment, etc. at SHEENSTAR. This will make the buyer to trust that SHEENSTAR is a real manufacturing and high qualified factory on beverage filling machine including water filling machine, juice filling equipment, soft drinking filling machine, carbonated drinks filling production line and so on.

filling machine

At present, apart from our Alibaba international station, the official website of Sheenstar has been established for several years. If you have any needs, you can inquire like us from these two platforms to obtain higher quality water filling machines,beverage filling machines,Labeling machine, etc.

When the third-party certification company inspected factory, our 3 sets of filling machine were being tested such as 32-32-8 juice filling machine, 24-24-8 water filling machine and 500ml cans filling production line, each production line taken trail video on the spot.

Sheenstar staff has been very busy recently, in order to finish the delivery within the deadline.

If you are interested in these videos of filling machine, please contact us via sales@sheenstar.comor calling our sales without hesitate.

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