Functional beverage is a kind of beverage which can adjust the function of human body to a certain extent by adjusting the composition and content proportion of nutrients in the beverage. According to the classification of functional drinks according to the relevant data, it is believed that the generalized functional drinks include sports drinks, energy drinks and other health drinks. Functional drink is a kind of health drink popular in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries in 2000,and the pop up of functional also deepen the development of aseptic packaging technology, which drive the beverage packaging machineryand beverage filling machinewent into a golden period.

The wayof beverage packing industry

According to the forecast, the functional beverage market is expected to have a compound growth rate of more than 12% in the next five years, with a huge market potential. On the one hand, domestic beverage giants are launching new products of functional drinks, on the other hand, foreign functional beverage giants are accelerating their entry into the Chinese market, taking the opportunity to make efforts and accelerate their layout.

The outstanding individual taste and dominant function, combined with the deep image integration of sports, make the functional drink popular among the public. It not only grasps the consumers’ appetite by relying on the sensitive market smell, but also brings the extended value of FMCG to the extreme.

The growth of Areliable beverage packaging supplier

Sheenstar company established in the year of 2010, starting with the juice production line, with the rapid development of this company, one year later, it got the SGS, ISO9001 and CE certification. The first exported product to Europe is carbonated drink production line, which gain the high praise of its customers. To improve the customer service, in the year of 2012, Sheenstar set up the professional department which in charge of the after-sale service and provide personnel support to the customers from all over the world. Besides, the technology innovation and the introduction of industry cutting-edge technology was improved in the year of 2016, which aims at providing upgraded service to the customers. Moving into the new factory which covers an area of 8000 square meters, Sheenstar gradually becomes to be in a leading position in the industry, and collaborated with international companies in the Canton fair, and to be well-known in the worldwide.

Main products of Sheenstar

The business range of Sheenstar is wide, and mainly focus in producing beverage packaging machinery and beverage filling machine. Besides, carbonated drink filling machine, juice filling machine, 5 gallons water filling machine, water treatment plant, beverage can filling machine, bottle blowing machine, after packing machine and other packaging materials are also included. So, if you are interested in beverage packaging machinery, aseptic packaging technology, beverage filling machine, please feel free to contact us, and we are also sincerely waiting for your visiting. For more details, please go to our website.

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