SHEENSTAR Factory finishedone set of completed water production line for automatic bottled water filling machine to plateau area. This water line includes bottle blowing system, water treatment system, conveying system, washing filling sealing3in1 filling machine, date printingmachine, LEDinspector, and carton packaging machine.

We completed water filling machine just half a month. When sent filling machine we also sent all installation tools. And in the next day, SHEENSTAR appointed two engineers to install and debug the water filling machineon and debugging and training of users.

As we all know, water is the main source of life, and it is also very important to our health. For water to be used safely, it must be sterile.

Sterile water can be produced from any natural source, such as lakes, groundwater, sea water, rivers, etc. To do this, it must go through the water production process.

Water Filling Machine

The irrigation line is a very important industry in the water production industry. It is the driving force of the water production process.

A complete irrigation production line is composed of different units, which work together to ensure the efficiency of the production process.

Components of the irrigation line

The irrigation line has different components, the main component is the water bottle packaging machine, and the other components are auxiliary.

1. Water bottle packaging machine

This is the main component of the water replenishment line.

The water bottle packaging machine performs the water bottle filling and packaging process, including filling, capping and labeling.

The machine also ensures that the proper amount of sterile water is maintained throughout a specific production batch.

This is very important when sticking to standard production and quality control.

However, there are various water bottle packaging machines, and they are classified according to their level of automation, including semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines, and desktop machines.

2. The tank

The water tank acts as a reservoir of sterile water, and the sterile water flows through a designated hose.

The size, material, and location of the water tank depend on factors such as the water flow method and production requirements.

Water Filling Machine

However, there are different types of water supply tanks for different types of irrigation machines-an example is a gravity irrigation machine, which uses a supply tank and is placed above the nozzle.

3. The water production pathway

During the production process, water needs to be transferred from the water tank or storage tank to the bottle. This is where the water production approach comes in.

The production route consists of pipes, nozzles and tubes. The composition of the production path is the composition that connects the fuel tank to the waiting bottle.

However, due to the location of the storage tank and other factors, the production path differs for different irrigation machines.

According to the machine model and production requirements, the pipes and pipe materials are different.

Anyone setting up a water production plant should determine the components of the water injection line, because the successful operation of water production is necessary.

Depending on the model, quality and other factors, the price of the irrigation line may vary.

Therefore, to get the best quality irrigation production line for your business, please visit a professional manufacturer.

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