5 Gallon Production Line

5 Gallon Water Production Line

The 5 gallon water filling line can produce 20 liter barrel drinking water. The whole line includes water treatment system, decapping machine, outside of barrel washing machine, inside washing filling capping machine, lamp checker, shrinking machine, code printer and PE film bag machine.



Bottle Shape


Bottle Size

3-5 Gallon

Filling Liquid

Mineral Water, Pure Water Spring Water, Drinking Water Others Non-Carbonated Drinks

Water Source

Lake water, Well water Fresh Water, Spring Water Underground Water, etc.

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Each Machine in the Line



Remove the caps from the bucket.

2.Outside Washing

Outside Washing

Cleaning the outside of the bucket.

3.Inside 3in 1

Inside 3in 1

Disinfect and clean the inside of the bucket, fill the water into the bucket, sealing the barrel with caps.
5 Gallon Water Production Line

4.Lamp Checker

Lamp Checker

To make sure that no impurities in the barreled water.



Transmit barrels between different machines.

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Machine Parameters

Filling Heads1234612
Barrel Size (mm)φ270-φ490
Capacity (barrel/hour)60-100250-300400-450600-800800-9001000-1200
Gas Pressure(Mpa)0.4-0.60.4-0.60.4-
Gas Consumption (m³/min)0.370.60.811.51.8
Motor Power (KW)1.383.
Rated Voltage (V)380V/50HZ
Weight (kg)68015002100300035004500

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