Beverage Canning Line

Beverage Can Production Line

The can filling line is used for producing canned beverage and drinks.
The can production line mainly contains empty can depalletizer, can washing machine.
Can filling and sealing machine.



Can Shape

Aluminum cans,metal cans
plastic cans,pop cans

Bottle Size

Diameter / Φ52.5-83mm
Height / 120-160mm

Filling Liquid

Water, Juice, Carbonated Beverage like Coca Cola, Soda Water, Blister Liquid

Water Source

Lake Water,Well Water, Fresh Water,Spring Water, Underground Water, Etc

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Each Machine in the Line

1.Pop Can Depalletizer

Pop Can Depalletizer

Automatically pass cans one layer by one layer to can washing machine.

2.Can Washing

Can Washing

Rinse the cans and make sure the cans clean enough before filling.

3.Can Filling & Seaming

Can Filling & Seaming

Filling beverage into cans, and seaming cans with caps.

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Machine Parameters

Sealing Heads4466
Filling Heads12182036
Capacity (cans/min)0-1000-1500-2000-300
Suitable can diameter (mm)Φ52.5-83
Suitable can height (mm)122-160
Overall size(mm)2700*1400*19003300*1950*19003600*1950*19003900*2400*1900

Friendly Reminder: Smaller or Bigger Capacity, Please Contact Us.
We Will Make The Machine As Per Your Requirement.


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