With the improvement of people’s consumption level and health awareness, healthy and safe drinking water is more and more popular in the market, which accelerates the development of China’s bottled water industry to a certain extent.

With the enhancement of health awareness and consumption ability of Chinese consumers, in recent years, middle and high-grade bottled water products and natural mineral water have been more and more recognized by consumers, especially the sales of natural water and natural mineral water in the category of packaged drinking water has grown very fast.

If enterprises want to get a share in the increasingly competitive middle and high-end bottled water market, they should not only focus on high-quality water resources, brands and channels, but also speed up the pace of replacing the old and new production capacity. Using advanced production lines is conducive to solving the problems of unstable operation, low efficiency, low production capacity and quality of traditional production lines, and also helps enterprises to flexibly switch multiple products Through complementation and assistance, flexible, efficient and flexible production can be realized.

SHEENSTAR provides a full set of water, beverage, aerated beverage production line equipment, that is, our bottle water filling machine, which automates production, reduces manpower input, and realizes efficient production.

Bottle Water Filling Machine

Our bottle water filling machineadopts foreign advanced technology, combined with the characteristics of our country, and independently researched and developed. It uses a large number of new technologies, new processes and new structures. It has first-class quality.

The neck of the bottle is stuck between the bottle fixing plate and the upper forming plate, and the bottle is transported by a star wheel. So as to realize the three processes of cleaning, filling and sealing.

All parts of the equipment in contact with liquid are made of imported stainless steel or food engineering plastics, which have abrasion resistance and ozone resistance.

Most of its electrical system uses imported parts. With food hygiene standards, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, fully automatic control and perfect after-sales service, this machine is very popular among customers at home and abroad. It is an ideal equipment for all kinds of bottled beverage manufacturers.

The main advantages of the bottled water filling machine we sell:

1.One-year free after-sales service.

2.The model that is easy to change the bottle

3.Offshore installation

4.Scientific process

Bottle Water Filling Machine


The filling machine is used to fill water into bottles. Drinking water can be mineral water, purified water or other non-carbonated beverages. The machine can be applied to different bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Customer reviews:

It has been in the beverage machine industry for many years. Its machines have been sold to many counties in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania. We will bring customers to our factory to see how the machines are running.

When the machine arrives at the customer’s factory, the engineer will go to the customer’s factory to debug and run the machine, train employees to operate the machine, maintain the machine, and provide standard operation manuals to ensure that the machine can be used smoothly.

SHEENSTAR provides a full set of water, beverage, aerated beverage production line equipment, automatic production, reduce human investment, achieve efficient production. Welcome customers to visit SHEENSTARfactory and inquiry about the beverage machinery.

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