Juice Filling Machine

Juice filling machine is one of the beverage filling equipments at Sheenstar with optional capacity ranging from 2000BPH to 24000BPH, it adopts the pressure & rotative filling style. This fruit juice filling machine mainly used for filling juice beverage, hot filling, and it can be used for filling different type of pet bottles.

Sheenstar juice filling machine can fill orange juice, tea, milk and other fruit juice into different bottles, like pet bottle, glass bottle, and cans.

Bottle size can be 200ml-2000ml small bottles,5 liter -10Liter big bottles. Capacity can be 4000bph to 24000bph. Other bottle size and capacity also are ok, we have a R & D department so we can manufacturer the machines according to customer inquiry.

For juice filling machine, medium temperature filling and hot filling are more popular. And Sterilization is important. Sheenstar have rich experience in juice filling machine, we can provide professional suggestions.

Technical Features of Juice Filling Machine

  1. Friendly HMI with easy switch for multi-languages.
  2. Advanced reflection system by ceramic plate, heat-preservation system and heating system, preform can be heated evenly.
  3. Unique high-pressure gas recovery system that saves more than 30% of compressed air.
  4. Ionized de-duster can be equipped to improve the cleanliness of the packaging container.
  5. The tailored made servo stretching system can be adapted to preforms with various stretching ratio, achieving the variable speeds and high accuracy positioning.
  6. The filling valve is designed with the tidy and safe valve body; the material quality can be fully guaranteed.
  7. A high-pressure air circuit sterilization system to ensure the safe operation of high-pressure air lines.
  8. A sterilization process for a variety of packaging materials to meet the needs of various products.
  9. Filling methods with a variety of flow rates can achieve alternate filling speeds to meet different characteristics of beverage filling.
  10. Disinfectant-immersed or in-line spray-type bottle cap sterilizer.
  11. Automated process inspection, control, and data report and record systems to provide aseptic monitoring for all key aspects of the production line.
  12. Complete CIP, COP, SIP, SOP cleaning systems to ensure the process safety of the filling environment.

Applications of Automatic Water Filling Machine

Bottle water filling machine is a fully automatic multifunctional combined unit integrating washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for all kinds of non-carbonated beverages, mineral water, purified water, juice, tea beverages, etc. for washing, filling and sealing, automatic production. Water bottling machine the most advanced airless liquid beverage filling production equipment now.

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