Water Filling Machine

What needs to pay attention to when buying a water filling machine? As a professional water filling machine manufacturer, Sheenstar provides you with various solutions for different bottling equipment. Our water filling machine can fill pure water, mineral water, drinking water into different bottles, like pet bottle, glass bottle, cans and barrels. Bottle size can be 200ml-2000ml small bottles,5 liter -10Liter big bottles and 5-gallon 20-liter barrels. Capacity can be 4000bph to 24000bph. Other bottle size and capacity also are ok; we have a R & D department that can provide customized machines. The water filling machines are all made of high-quality stainless steel 304.

The water filling machine is suitable for filling various mineral water, pure water and other beverage industries. The pure water filling machine is one of the main equipment produced by the pure water plant. It is developed based on foreign advanced technology and according to the filling process requirements of pure water and other beverages.

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Features of Bottled Water Filling Machine

  1. High quality stainless steel 304/316.
  2. PLC independent control cabinet and touch screen make operation easy.
  3. The electrical components are all from world famous brand, which can provide professional technical support and great after-sales.
  4. Fully automatic washing filling capping 3 in 1.
  5. Can fill different size of PET bottle by changing few spare parts.
  6. High accuracy filling valve.
  7. Certified by CE SGS.

Applications of Automatic Water Filling Machine

Bottle water filling machine is a fully automatic multifunctional combined unit integrating washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for all kinds of non-carbonated beverages, mineral water, purified water, juice, tea beverages, etc. for washing, filling and sealing, automatic production. Water bottling machine the most advanced airless liquid beverage filling production equipment now.

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