Happy Loong Boat Festival – SHEENSTAR

Loong Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. We provide everyone who worked in sheenstar festival gifts:Zongzi, Salted duck egg, edible oil, native egg. Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice, with different fillings inside, and wrapped with bamboo leaves, reed leaves or other large flat leaves outside. They are cooked by […]

Water treatment system delivery to Inida

This water treatment system and water filling packing line will send to India customer factory. After the water filling producing line arriving at the customer factory, our customer will go to install and test running the water producing line, and train the workers on the correct use and regular maintenance of equipment.

Pure water filling producing line delivery to Thailand

What machines does a complete water production line include? Bottle making machine, air conveying (transporting empty bottles from the blowing machine to the filling machine), filling machine, drying machine, labeling machine, and film wrapping machine, among which the transportation of bottles is completed through conveying. The stable operation of the entire production line cannot be […]

Ethiopia Agrofood

See you at Agrofood 2024 booth: A.1  Date: 16-18 May 2024 Address: Millennium HallI,  Addis,  Ababa If you are going to start a new water and beverage factory, warmly welcome to visit sheenstar booth: A.1. Derek will show you our cases , and introduce our machinery and service. Sheenstar provide A to Z turnkey solutions for different […]

5 Gallon Water Filling Machine: Revolutionizing Large-Volume Liquid Packaging

In the realm of liquid packaging, the 5 gallon water filling machine stands as a pivotal innovation, streamlining the process of filling and packaging large volumes of liquids with precision and efficiency. From water to industrial chemicals, this machine caters to diverse industries requiring bulk liquid packaging solutions. 1. Cutting-Edge Technology The 5 gallon water […]

Which country did SHEENSTAR ship to today?

SHEENSTAR delivery water filling producing line to Thailand today. The equipment sent to Thailand this time is a complete water filling production line, with a production capacity of 5000 bottles per hour. We provide a complete production line from the production of bottles to filling and capping, as well as the labeling and packaging equipment. We will customize […]

Customization Options for Juice Bottling Machines: Tailoring Solutions to Your Specifications

Juice bottling machines are versatile systems designed to streamline the production process and ensure the efficient packaging of various juice products. To meet the diverse needs of juice manufacturers, these machines offer a range of customization options. This article explores the customization features available for juice bottling machines, highlighting how they can be tailored to […]

The Importance of Regular Equipment Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular maintenance and upkeep are particularly important during the use of equipment. When purchasing equipment customers always pay attention to the usable time of the equipment, which is closely related to the correct use and regular maintenance of the equipment. Regular maintenance can not only extend the service life of equipment, but also promptly identify and […]