Many people will regard the water treatment equipment as a collective name, and they will mistakenly think that it is just a machine. But in fact, the water treatment equipment is composed of many different types of water purification machines, but all have the function of water treatment. Next, we will introduce you to several common water treatment equipment.

water treatment equipment

1、Mechanical filter

In the water pretreatment system, the quartz sand of different particle sizes in the multi-media filter pressure vessel is loaded in a certain level to remove and remove the suspended solids in the water. The multi-media filter can effectively remove suspended solids and fine particles in the raw water. Full price iron and colloids, algae and organic matter.

2、Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Reverse osmosis is a modern new type of pure water treatment technology. The purity of the water is improved by the reverse osmosis element, and the impurities and salts contained in the water are removed. The pure water we drink every day is treated by reverse osmosis equipment and the water quality is clear.

3、Ultra-filtration Equipment

Ultrafiltration is mainly used to intercept and remove macromolecules such as suspended solids, colloids, particles, bacteria and viruses in water. In the purchase of mineral water, the ultrafiltration design will be designed according to the water quality analysis report of the mineral water, and the pore size and membrane type of the membrane are selected in a targeted manner.

4、Ozone Mixing System

Ozone sterilizer is a commonly used sterilizing equipment in water treatment systems. Generally speaking, the longer the ozone and water contact time, the more complete the mixing, the better the ozone sterilization effect, the larger the area of ozone contact with water, then the mixing effect Better, the effect of sterilization is better.

We have introduced a few common types of water treatment machines, and everyone should have a certain understanding of water treatment. If you are interested in water treatment equipment, please contact Sheenstar!

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