As a top and reputable water filling machine manufacturer, one of our outstanding qualities is the highly experienced team of professional engineers within our workforce.


This, you can tell is one of the reason why we continue to stay at the top of our game as a leading manufacturer of water filling machines of premium quality.

Our Latest Manufacturing and Engineering Feat

And recently a customer from Thailand decided to visit our factory to have a tour of our products, after seeing the quality of the machines we have online.

Not quite long after visiting the Sheenstar factory, the Thailand customer who got more satisfaction from us was interested in our services and decided to purchase two sets of 500 BPH water filling machines for the production of quality bottled drinking water in their country.

There are six types of bottles with different sizes, their volumes range from 330mL to 1500mL, and these bottles also have two different types of caps.

After they have finished and completed their production, the customer sent seven boxes of bottled water and caps to our factory, the sampled bottles and caps were used to test the filling machine the wanted to purchase.

Each machine is able to use one bottle cap and three different types of bottles, all that needs to be done is to replace the corresponding part of the machine if the customer has the ill different bottles using the same machine. Since this is our area of specialization we are good with this manipulation.

While we were at the trial of operations, the operative videos for the operation of the water filling machine with the six different types of sampled bottles together with the engineering operations videos were individually sent according to the customer’s request.

On receipt of the videos sent by us, the customers were satisfied after watching the operation of the machines on the videos. It is our belief that if machine quality is great, the reputation of a company will also be admirable, and that is exactly what we are working hard to maintain when it comes to our reputation.

Our Core Mission And Values

At Sheenstar we are on a mission to produce quality products and as such, we specialize in the designing and manufacturing of good quality water filling machine that would give you huge value for your money.

We don’t just end at manufacturing quality products for you, but we also go as far as having qualified engineers and professionals who are familiar with the various type of machines we manufacture.

We can also help you do the supply of our machines to whatever country of choice you wish us to, if you either reside in or probably want us to ship to for a client we are available and always at your service to give you genuinely satisfied.

If you are interested in our products you should know that you have made a good judgment because we know that when you choose Sheenstar, we will give you an adequate and affordable filling machine that is of the best production benefit. Kindly contact us today for a more information about our products and services.

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