In April 2019, the friends from West Africa purchased a completed of juice production line and bottled water production line from Sheenstar Company, including water treatment equipment, bottle blow molding machines, water filling machine, juice filling line, sleeve labeling machine, and film wrapping machines / bottle packing machine.

When he inspect the whole line of juice filling line and bottled water filling line in sheenstar factory in July 2019, It happened to be his birthday. On his birthday, sheenstar prepared a surprise for him: birthday cake and a large table of lobsters and hearty foods. Everyone spent an unforgettablebirthday party in the cafeteria of sheenstar. The customers from West Africa took a lot of photos and videos to shared with his friends, and we sang birthday songs and happy together. He said that this is a very unforgettable birthday, he will remember china and sheenstar forever.

Celebrate Customer Birthday

Thank you very much for purchasing the juice filling system and bottle water filling production line. Our fruit juice filling and packaging machine used for filling juice beverage, hot filling, and it can be used for filling different type of pet bottles. Direct connection technology between air conveyor and in-feeding star wheel is applied to replace in-feeding screw and conveying chain to ease bottle changing process with only to change few parts. Sheenstar Company will continue to provide customized services for beverage filling machine and water filling machine for customers all over the world.

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