In our water and juice line, there will be a labeling system. If the label type is PVC, we use sleeve labeling. After the label sleeve machine, there is usually a shrink tunnel to shrink the labels.
There are two main types of shrink tunnel. One is steam shrink tunnel, which is usually equipped with a steam generator. Another type is electric shrink tunnel.

The steam shrink tunnel is made of all stainless steel, and the original steam tunnel body is improved to shrink the bottle bodies of different round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles. The tunnel body is easy to adjust and maintain, and the shrinkage is flat. The low-pressure steam drum of the steam spraying method is evenly distributed and the seamless steel pipe design is adopted. The bottom of the tunnel body adopts a stainless steel water receiving plate to concentrate the condensed water for discharge. Meet various bottle-shaped shrinkage requirements, making product shrinkage more beautiful.
The electric shrink tunnel forms a hot air circulation in the heat-insulating liner in the tunnel, and the temperature of the tunnel air is uniform. According to the packaging needs of different packages, the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted to achieve the best shrinking effect; the constant temperature heating system can be used for POF, PVC and other industrial standard shrink films, especially suitable for thermal shrinkage of POF films; according to different configurations of equipment and different characteristics of products, the packaging speed can be as high as 20-260 pieces/min; Manpower saving, reliable quality, high shrinkage efficiency and strong applicability.

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