The filling process of the bottled water filling machine is also divided into different situations. The so-called automatic means that when filling, many procedures are not manually operated, but this does not mean that all operations are performed. There is no need for manual labor. Some related operations such as lifting materials up ‍‍ still require manual operation. Today, I will tell you about the manual loading of the automatic filling machine.

1: Is it troublesome to manually load the bucket?

Some people think that since they bought a carbonated beverage filling machine, it is to enjoy its fully automatic process. If they do it manually, they will feel that it makes sense to buy such a device. I can tell you here that almost all the equipment has no way to solve this problem, almost all of them have to be loaded manually, and the same is true of automatic filling.

2: Carbonated beverage filling machine ‍‍Automatic opening, automatic metering, automatic filling, this is the main advantage of the filling machine.

Many people think that if it is filled manually, this filling machine does not have any particularly good advantages, but otherwise , the excellent automatic mechatronics equipment has automatic metering, automatic cap opening and automatic filling. Various functions such as automatic filling, automatic closing of the cover, automatic pressing of the anti-theft cover, etc. These functions are very diversified, which will make the filling process more intelligent. This method is very good.

Nowadays, everyone may have different understandings about the bottled water filling machine. Some people think that the filling machine is very good, and some people think that it is meaningless to be fully automatic. But after you actually use it, you will know how good the automatic filling machine is, and how labor-saving these functions are. It is also recommended that you especially need to buy this kind of filling machine when you buy it. function, and at the same time a product with a relatively high degree of automation.

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