China’s bottled water market is one of the largest bottled water markets in the world.Not only the large population, but also the Chineserequirements for the diversity of bottled water are getting higher and higher.

mineral bottle water

The overall consumption trend is toward high-end, but the growth of bottled water retail sales has slowed down. Due to the trend of high-end, China’s bottled water industry (bottled water plant) has been experienced rapid growth in the past ten years.


The per capitalwater consumption of Chinese consumers has increased from 5 liters in 2007 to 20 liters in 2017. However, it is only a matter of time when market saturation begins to curb the growth of bottled water, especially in this case of increased competition in the broader beverage market. As more and more Chinese consumers drink bottled water, brands face the pressure to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Although the market is saturated, innovation opportunities still exist, and the premium is still the key to value market growth.


Consumers between the ages of 20 and 49 showed the greatest interest in trying new aquatic products, half of whom drank unflavored water, and in this age group, consumers who tasted soda is more and more.


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