You may not know much about the three-in-one filling machine. In fact, it is a device that integrates washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for the filling production of various juices and beverages. Let me introduce the three- in-one filling machine in detail below. Installed features and disinfection cleaning.

Functional characteristics of the three-in-one filling machine:

1. The whole machine adopts the design of the bottle neck hanging operation mode, so that the bottle can run stably at high speed, and at the same time greatly reduce the number of changed parts, making it more convenient and fast to change the bottle type.

2. The stainless steel flip-type bottle clamp is adopted, so that the clamp does not touch the part above the thread of the bottle mouth, and a nozzle is provided to fully rinse the inner wall of the bottle.

3. Adopting advanced gravity filling principle, the filling is fast, stable and accurate.

4. The magnetic torque type cap screwing head is used to realize cap grasping and cap screwing. The screwing torque of the cap is steplessly adjustable, and the seal is tight without damaging the cap.

5. The whole machine adopts human-machine interface touch screen buttons, PLC computer control, and is equipped with missing cover and overload protection alarm device, which can detect and eliminate faults in time, and has a high degree of production automation.

6. The parts in contact with water are all made of stainless steel, and the main electrical components are all made by internationally renowned manufacturers.

Disinfection and cleaning method of the three-in-one filling machine:

1. Loosen the upper and lower set screws, remove the liquid injection system for overall disinfection, or disassemble it for disinfection and cleaning separately.

2. Put the liquid inlet pipe in the cleaning solution and start cleaning.

3. There may be errors in the actual filling of the 500ml model, so use a graduated cylinder to measure it before the formal filling.

4. Needle tube for filling machine, standard 5ml or 10ml syringe for model 10, 20ml glass filler for model 20, and 100ml glass filler for model 100.

Precautions for the installation of the three-in-one filling machine:

1. After the machine is unpacked, first check whether the random technical information is complete, and whether the machine is damaged during transportation, so as to solve it in time.

2. Install and adjust the feeding and discharging components according to the outline diagram in this manual.

3. Apply new lubricating oil to each lubricating point.

4. Turn the machine with the rocker handle to check whether the machine is running in the correct direction (counterclockwise when facing the motor shaft), and the machine must be protected and grounded.

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