At the end of May 2020, glass bottle juice hot filling machine were sent to Myanmar, this filling machine can produce glass bottle juice with capacity 6000BPH.

SHEENSTAR tested each machine, including bottle washing machine, juice filling machine, CIP system of the whole line, from the aspects of capacity, liquid level, running stability etc. All can meet the requirements of customer.

Automatic water filling machine can produce 20000 bottles per hour in 500 ml pet bottles.The automatic water filling machine made by our company is a new product which is researched and developed on the basis of importing ,assimilating and absorbing the advanced technology of the same kind of domestic and foreign products. Considering several-year-production experience of the company, advantages such as high automation level, compact structure, appearance, convenience and simple operation, safe and reliable and adjustable continuous production capacity and others can be ensured and developed.The unit collects washing, filling and capping together. It is an ideal no-gas liquid filling production equipment in the country. It is mainly suitable for filling and capping of round or square polyester bottles. According to the specific demands of different users, it will change a little in design to meet the users’ demands.

This juice filling machine is mainly used for filling juice beverage, especially for hot filling, and it can be used for filling different type of pet bottles,The machine involves the functions washing, filling, sealing, 3 modes in 1 machine.This machine can be handled freely, it is easy for the machine to adjust various types of bottles.Filling operation become faster and more stable because of the new technique of pressure filler.Advanced OMRON PLC is used to control the machine adopts automatic operation, and touch screen fulfilled for human-computer interface. Sensors used in the bottle-entering chain to adjust the speed and coordinate with a frequency converter to the main machine to forward the bottles . the operation is easy to operate because filling and capping will automatically stop, when there is no bottle.

glass bottle juice hot filling machine sent to Myanmar

The CIP cleaning system uses high temperature and intense cleaning liquid to exert a strong effect on the equipment and devices to clean the contact surface with the beverage. It can be thoroughly cleaned and can achieve the purpose of sterilization At the same time, we ensure hygienic requirements and improve the quality of fruit juice. Additionally, Washing liquid can be recycled, Thus low economic operation cost, easy and safe operation, work efficiency are ensured.

In the end, we would like to thank our customers for their purchase from SHEENSTAR. Hope they will acquire the production line and come into the production step as soon as possible.

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