Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s income and life standards, the lifestyles of human being become more diverse than before, and the changes of people’s lifestyle also influence our eating habit. Be likely to have snacks instead of having the formal meal when people get hungry, sometimes people would rather to have a drink than choose to have water when they get thirsty. Consequently, the drink and beverage industry have experienced a golden period, and the needs of bottling and filling machine increase rapidly. In order to meet the increasing demand of the beverage industry, with making progress in the R&D, workshop from Sheenstar has just completed the production of a bottle tumbling sterilizer, which is in a high quality and a competitive price, details are as following.

The nature of bottle tumbling machine

1. Bottle tumbling sterilizer is mainly used to sterilize the unsterilized or high-temperature part of the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap after the hot filling of juice and tea drinks packed in PET bottles. It is widely used in the production line of hot filling beverage.

2. The whole process is mainly completed through the conveyor chain system, bottle body reverse chain system, rack and bottle reverse rod. There is no pollution to the bottle, frequency conversion control, adjustable conveyor chain speed, and the whole process is safe.

3. It can realize automatic tumbling and reset. The filling beverage can be inverted 90 degrees automatically. It sterilizes the bottle cap and the inner wall of the bottle again by the high temperature of the bottled beverage, then the bottle can be placed in the right position automatically. No need to add any heat source that achieve the purpose of energy saving.

4. The bottle tumbling sterilizer is made of sus304.

5. The sterilization time is 15-40 seconds for the user to choose, and the transmission chain speed can be adjusted.

6. The bottle tumbling sterilizer is generally used together with the spray cooling equipment in the follow-up. After the bottle pouring sterilization, the spray cooling equipment is connected through the conveyor belt to spray cooling the bottle and complete the whole sterilization cooling process.


The advantages of high capacity bottletumblingmachine

1. Independent work unit, with large capacity.

2. The air purification level in the filling room reaches 100.

3. The operation offoot-solenoid valve control filling switchis completely matched with the UHT host.

4. SIP block chip was inserted, which can automatically carry out CIP and sip of the whole test line.

5. The equipment is a vertical manifold sterile operation platform, which is an air purification system composed of fan, primary efficiency, filter and ozone generator. During operation, the external air is pre filtered by the primary effect filter, and then sent to the filter by the fan. Finally, it is sterilized by ultraviolet lamp and ozone generator, which helps to form a clean sterile state.

At last but not least, with the core value of “Making everyone to enjoy available drinking water”, Sheenstar company would provide you an excellent solution for high capacity bottletumblingmachinewith their confidence. Just contact Sheenstar whenever you need, the actual performance parameters are depending on cases.

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