There are only two ways to make mineral water. One is to directly use reverse osmosis water purification equipment , which can filter out most of the impurities in the tap water and retain the minerals useful to the human body in the tap water. The final water can be Meet the standard of raw drinking; this technology has a name: nanofiltration, this technology can filter out most of the impurities, pigments, organic acids, etc. in the water, but there are still some trace elements that cannot be filtered, such as minerals in mineral water. Substances, inorganic salts and heavy metal ions. So the water plants you build or those near the water source are all heavy industry companies and chemical companies. It’s better not to use this. There are also some old towns and old industrial towns.

   Another way to prepare mineral water is to use RO reverse osmosis system water purifier : After filtering out all other substances in the water, the water that comes out is pure water. If you need mineral water, you can add a medical stone at the end to make it out. The mineral water is rich in minerals. Of course, such mineral water is definitely better than the water that can be drunk from the water purifier. The water from the water purifier contains only water and a very small amount of minerals (pure water conducts electricity) Low rate or non-conductive means that impurities such as minerals are less than 1% and can be ignored.) Many minerals in medical stone cannot be provided by pure water. In a word: the water from the water purifier is equivalent to the bottled purified water sold outside, if you add medical stone, it is equivalent to the mineral water sold; although the water purification product is quite clean, when RO reverse osmosis water purifier produces water Wastewater will be produced, and 300ml of waste water will be discharged for every 100ml of pure water. Some big-name reverse osmosis membranes can achieve 1:1, 1:2 wastewater rates under the same water purification index.

    The summary is just one sentence. If you set up a water plant, you can directly use nanofiltration grade reverse osmosis water purification method to produce mineral water if the surrounding environment is better. If your plant site is not good enough, you need to configure RO reverse osmosis. The water purification system is used to obtain sufficiently clean water before adding minerals.

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