Before we jump on to how to choose the best mineral water filling machine, it is better that we understand what this machine does? The mineral water filling machineis used for bottling mineral water. It is usually used in big plants where they have large barrels to fill up the water bottles. Mineral water can be referred to as pure water and every pure water filling machine manufactureis unique in its own way. Some are big plants while some are small and have less capacity to bottle mineral water. A 3-gallon or 5-gallon plant can be considered as a reasonable, reliable and functional. This sized plant is easy to control as they come with micro-computer and pneumatic control systems. The whole water filling machine can be operated with two people only. You don’t need to have many operators as these machines are automatic and can handle 2 or 3 tasks on their own. The integrated water filling linecan handle the water treatment, washing, filling, bottling, and capping through its three-phase AC 380V Power Supply. Most of the industrial and mining plants use this kind of power for smooth working. Different phases of this water filling machineensure that the bottle is clean before water is poured into it and when it is filled with water, it caps it properly so that there is no leakage. With all these aesthetics, this type of water machinery is considered the latest and ideal edition.

water filling machine

Now that you have been familiarized with what a water filling machineis, let’s see the things you need to consider when you are choosing one for your water plant.

1-Compact design

Usually, the water filling plants are custom designed so that the equipment can easily be fitted in the space. So before you buy any machinery, make sure it has a compact design that can be managed in your space because once it is shipped, it would be hard to return and change it, plus you will have to cover the extra shipping cost for this.


One of the important things that you should care while choosing the best mineral water filling machine is to choose the one that has a strong base and structure and seems durable for a long time. It would be better to have the machine with some sort of warranty assurance so if you need to change a few spare parts then you can exchange it easily.


These days, the machine’s efficiency is checked with its speed so make sure the water filling machine you choose has a fast speed in which it goes through all phases properly. Usually, ranging from 20 bottles to 100 bottles per minute are produced in a water filling machine. But you can find a machine with reasonable speed. A few added parts like a better motor can increase the speed of your machine.

4-Power consumption

Big water plant needs more power, but it would be wise to choose a machine that has less power consumption and serves the purpose of energy efficiency.

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