Now the three-in-one filling machine is a commonly used filling equipment for mineral water, purified water, and other beverage manufacturers. The three-in-one filling machine is mainly suitable for glass, filling wine, soy sauce and other materials. The sealing method can be selected. With aluminum anti-theft cover and plastic cover. So what should you do if you encounter the following problems when using the three-in-one filling machine?

1. The filling volume of the three-in-one filling machine is inaccurate: when the three-in-one filling machine is filling large specifications, the feeding tank is insufficient, resulting in unstable liquid level. You can increase the feeding amount or turn off the small filling again. The ball valve above the material head, reset the filling time of the three-in-one filling machine (extend the filling time) and slow down the filling speed of the three-in-one filling machine to solve the problem.

2. After adjusting the digital dial code or unit, the time does not change. At this time, turn off the power and turn on the power again.

3. The liquid level is stable, and the filling volume of the three-in-one filling machine is not accurate: there are sundries blocking the filling channel of the three-in-one filling machine, mainly at the entrance of the trough or in the filling nozzle, just check and clean it up.

4. There is dripping after closing:

(1) The orifice of the filling nozzle is damaged, and the filling nozzle can be taken out to repair the orifice. The diameter of the orifice should not be greater than 7.5mm. After repairing the hole diameter, lightly smooth the hole plane on the water abrasive paper.

(2) The ball valve in the filling head of the three-in-one filling machine is damaged, and the ball valve needs to be replaced.

5. No filling after touching the filling switch, and the digital indication LED of the time relay does not flash: the filling switch is damaged or the base of the time relay is loose, replace the same type of filling switch or press the base of the time relay tightly.

6. After touching the filling switch, the digital LED indicator light of the time relay flashes, but no filling: first check whether there is air pressure or whether the air pressure is too low. If the air pressure meets the requirements, it may be that the solenoid valve coil is damaged or the pneumatic valve core is damaged. If the stolen goods are stuck, you can unplug the power supply, open the board, turn the object or press the button next to the corresponding solenoid valve coil, if the valve can change direction, it means that the solenoid valve coil is damaged, if it cannot change direction, it is the valve valve. If the core is stuck, you can replace the solenoid valve coil or disassemble the valve for repair (an electrician or a person with pneumatic knowledge is required for disassembly or inspection).

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