Ionized water can be simply referred to as a form of drinking water which has been ionized to segregate its alkaline and acid contents. The water is electrolyzed to maximize the advantages of the calcium and magnesium ions found in it. After the process of ionization, the water becomes either acidic ionized water or alkaline ionized water as the pH level has been adjusted. Notably, only alkaline ionized water is healthy for drinking due to the several health benefits associated with it.

Here are five important reasons to drink ionized water:

It is a natural antioxidant

Various studies have shown that ionized water with hydrogen H+ ions is a natural antioxidant which is capable of neutralizing free radicals. As it supplies the body with the missing electrons, ionized water offers protections to the cell of the body and also ensures that the immune system is strengthened. Antioxidants are known for having anti-aging, anti-disease and anti-cancer effects. Therefore, instead of spending thousands of dollars on other substances with antioxidant effects, people can take advantage of affordable ionized water to neutralize free radicals and improve their health.

It supplies oxygen to the body

After donations of the extra electrons by the hydroxyl ions to free radicals, leftover and dissolved oxygen is supplied to the body to be utilized for various functions. Oxygen is an important requirement for survival as it performs various functions such as digestion, destruction of harmful bacteria, removal of cellular and metabolic wastes, and maintenance of regular metabolic rates. Ionized water supplies the body with more oxygen; thus, ensuring the functions of oxygen in the body are effectively performed for optimal wellbeing.

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It activates food digestion processes

As a person ages, there is usually a shift in the acidity-alkalinity balance of the body. Also, there may be difficult in the production of hydrochloric acid by the stomach; thus, making it increasingly impossible for food digestion processes to be completed. However, by drinking ionized water, the ability of the stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid can be restored, so that the required body re-acidification can take place. Re-acidification of the body activates food digestion processes.

It relieves the symptoms of osteoporosis

Consumption of calcium has proven to be effective in relieving the symptoms of osteoporosis, and this calcium ion can be derived from ionized water. Instead of taking ordinary water that lacks calcium and a few other essential minerals, ionized water should be taken to strengthen the bones and relieve some of the symptoms of osteoporosis.

It makes the blood thinner

Primarily, water forms about 90% of the constituent of blood; hence, the thickness of water directly determines the thickness of blood. However, when the blood becomes thick, the risk of blood clotting is increased and blood circulation within the body is impaired. Notably, because ionized water has lower surface tension than ordinary water, it ensures that blood becomes thinner; therefore, lowering the risks associated with blood thickening.

Considering the several benefits of ionized water, it is highly recommended as the drinking water for individuals that want to improve their overall health.

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