In recent years, the e-commerce industry has seen a wave of live streaming. Many celebrities, anchors, and Internet celebrities have begun to use live broadcast technology on some Internet platforms to provide new service methods such as close-up product display, consultation and reply, and shopping guide, or store their own live broadcast rooms, or gather by professional anchors to promote.

With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the live broadcast method of selling goods is very popular among suppliers. As you know, SHEENSTAR already entry into Live Show for filling machine, blowing machine, labeling machine and packing machine from June, 2020.

Live Broadcast for SHEENSTAR FactoryLive Broadcast for SHEENSTAR Factory

For each live broadcast, our company employs professional announcers and live broadcast hosts. They can provide professional answers to the questions asked by customers, and solve the possibility of customers for any of our high-quality water treatment plants and beverage filling machines. Any concerns that exist.

Our company SHEENSTAR had again two Live Introduction Show on 4thAugust and 9thAugust 2020 at Mainly mentions the introduction about SHEENSTAR factory, water treatment System, drinking water filling production line, please click the following website, welcome to visit our Live Show.

On August 04, 2020, please click:

On August 09, 2020, please click:

Next, we will have three live broadcast to waiting for you on 15thAugust, 2020 (15:00-19:00)、3rdSeptember, 2020 (13:00-14:59)、26thSeptember, 2020 (15:00-16:59),welcome to our live room.

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