Now the weather is slowly getting hot down,Customers have to install and debug their machines before the arrival of the summer beverage season. Recently, many machines in the sheenstar factory are ready to deliver.

The pandemic situation around the world has affected many individuals, businesses and even governments. Therefore, foreign trade has also been affected.

This is why top organizations, companies and brands (such as Sheenstar) that have a high degree of commitment to customer satisfaction are always thinking about new ways and developing strategies for how to best serve customers.

As a proactive, forward-looking company that pays great attention to team customer satisfaction, we are not far behind, and we will work around the clock to ensure that we can provide high-quality services because it is still synonymous with our brand.


The water fillingmachinewe produced has been favored by many customers because it has many advantages.

This machine is used to fill mineral water, purified water and other drinking water into large plastic bottles, ranging from 5 liters to 15 liters. It can produce 2000 bottles of water per hour. The cover adopts a new design. The ball can reduce the pressure of the puller and effectively save energy. The cover is transferred from the cover lifter device to the sterilization channel. After the sterilization, the cover reaches the sealing part and waits for the cover. This machine is made of high-quality sus304, with long service life and easier cleaning. Hang the bottleneck on the bottle with a clamp and enter the machine through an air conveyor to maintain the shape and speed of the bottle. The cleaning part not only takes a long time to rinse, but also greatly improves the production capacity.

Now there are several containers to be loaded a day. We will arrange the daily work plan of the workshop according to the machine delivery date, and report the machine production process to the customer regularly.

In addition, in order to ensure that we manufacture the best equipment that meets customer specifications, we will repeatedly confirm the technical parameters before placing an order to process each of your orders more meticulously and thoroughly.


When we start the manufacturing process, we will ensure the quality and the quality of the production process, ensure acceptance and commissioning before shipment, and guarantee high-quality and first-class packaging and installation.

On the delivery day, we will check the machine according to the contract list, with free spare parts and instructions, and take on-site delivery photos to customers.

Finally, please rest assured of our experienced team of container masters, who do their best to ensure that they are intact when arranging the packing. For more information about the purchase and service of our water filling machinesand other products, please contact us for the best service.

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