For most manufacturers in various provinces of China, the Canton Fair is usually a long-awaited event to display their vast and creative technological innovations.


While many manufacturers eagerly wait to see this event come by every year, global buyers and visitors on their part are always on the lookout for this epic event, since it is usually a time to establish a bond of friendship and a bridge of trade with leading manufacturers in China.

And as the world continues in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, the 127th edition of the Canton Fair adopted an online live broadcast approach for the exhibition of various premium products from different manufacturers in China.

Just as you will rightly guess, the 127th Canton Fair had in attendance and exhibition various high-end water processing and treatment plants from Sheenstar. Although it was our first appearance at the Canton Fair, it was really a time to showcase our fleet of premium water and beverage processing plants.

Top on the list of our exquisite water and beverage processing machines that were featured at the Canton Fair online exhibition were the water treatment equipment, fruit juice filling machine, beverage filling machine water filling production line, and other equipment.

However, since all these premium water and beverage plants and processing equipment all have their individual uniqueness in terms of features, components, and operation, the Sheenstar Company had three prominent, eloquent and highly skilled announcers who were available to talk about the features as well as the working operations of each of our machines.

In response to the live broadcast and exhibition from Sheenstar Company during the online 127th Canton Fair, our clients from across the world were happy to have a piece of firsthand knowledge about our various products, as well as ask questions about areas they felt a skeptic about.

And trust our professional announcers and live broadcast hosts, they were all available to give answers to every question as well clear the air about whatever concerns our clients may have about any of our premium water treatment plant and beverage filling machine.

Although our live broadcast and exhibition during the 127th Canton Fair were scheduled to hold between June 15th – 24th, 2020, never worry, you can always have the opportunity to see the live broadcast of all our high-quality products right from the comfort of your home or factory.

To have a recap of our live broadcast on the components and operation of our water treatment equipment, water filling production line, juice filling production line, beverage filling machine, and other equipment, you can simply click here to log into our live broadcast studio to watch all our premium equipment at work.

After the 127th Canton Fair?

Sure, even after the Canton Fair, we at Sheenstar are still available and ready to create a bond of friendship and a bridge of trade with you.

With over a decade of active experience in the manufacturer of high-quality juice filling machine, water treatment system, water filling production line, using the best materials, you are guaranteed of the best products and services from our able hands.

You can also visit our live studio to see the live broadcast of our powerful water and fruit juice processing equipment.

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