Among the various orange juice filling machine suppliers in the industry, Sheenstar is rated best as the leading company with an excellent performance in the design and manufacture of high-quality PET bottle orange juice filling machine.

Obviously, this high and exalted level of proficiency which we have attained in our chosen profession never came out of mediocre service in the industry, but it is a product of the dedication to hard work, research, innovation, and devotion to giving out the best at all times.

PET Bottle Orange Juice Filling Machine

Talking about our professional touch of quality at every piece of equipment that we produce, our latest PET bottle orange juice filling machine which has just been manufactured and commissioned in our Sheenstar factory speaks of complete automation, speed, and a seamless juice filling operation.

Based on our buyer’s requirement, the newly commissioned PET bottle orange juice filling machine was built to the latter without any room for flaws or inconsistencies with the buyer’s demand. Yes, you can always bank on us for such a high level of expertise!

The PET orange juice filling machine which was designed and built-in line with our buyer’s wish has in it the following premium features;

1. High Production Output

Designed with incredible speed to boost productivity, the new PET bottle orange juice filling machine has the capacity of filling about 12000 PET bottles per hour. This, you can tell is fast enough to double your production capacity.

2. Special Bottle Transmission Design

With strict adherence to our buyer’s requirement, the newly commissioned PET bottle orange juice filling machine utilizes a special design in the transmission of bottles within the filling machine.

In this special design, the rinsing, filling, and sealing (capping) of the PET bottles are carried out using a specially designed clip, which quite different from the conventional design. What is different in this new design, you may ask?

Yes, unique bottle clip design that helps in the transmission of PET bottles within the filling machine has some inherent advantages, which include;

a. When there is a need to fill a different shape of PET bottles, the operator doesn’t have to change the clips as it is the case with the traditional bottle conveyor of other filling machines.

b. It is generally easy to use and saves time on getting the machine ready for use.

3.Very Easy To Clean

Another outstanding feature in the design of the new PET bottle orange filling machine is the fact that it is designed and built without hidden crevices that may house dirt and other particles.

With this, you can tell that cleaning the machine is really a breeze since there are no sanitary dead ends to reach out for.

4. Free Spare Parts/Installation Video Guide

Also accompanying this epic and innovative PET bottle orange juice filling machine are some free spare parts, a video installation guide as well as a user manual to give your customer a seamless time in the installation and use of this classic piece of equipment.

With all these features and others which were all exclusively designed to meets our buyer’s specification, we are happy to inform you that our buyer inspected the operation of the machine through an online live exhibition, and was very much satisfied with the overall design and functioning of the PET bottle orange juice filling machine.

While we remain steadfast in our commitment to producing more of this customized and premium PET bottle orange juice filling machine for our teaming global customers, we are sending this groundbreaking equipment to our buyer with the hope that it will turn out a very fruitful and prosperous venture for him.

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