Recently, we made a batch of shipments at the end of the year, mainly for the filling line of bottled drinks. Bottled water or mixed drinks are the most in demand right now, and we’ve reached out to a lot of customers. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of the Sheenstar filling machine, and we have also greatly improved the customer satisfaction in terms of transportation and packaging. Let’s take a look at our packaged system.


The system is mainly used to package the bottled beverage package into the carton.

It mainly consists of three parts:

1, case open machine: open the neatly folded cardboard box to be opening box and seal the bottom of the box, then send it to the case packing machine by the conveyor


2,Case packing machine: organize and arrange the bottled beverages, and put the arranged beverage bottles into the carton


3, case sealing machine: close the installed beverage box and seal the top of the carton.


Our packaging system can film wrap our bottled water first, and then pack it in cartons. This approach ensures both the stability of bottled water and the maximum use of space.

Our system ensures the stable and continuous progress of our product packaging, so as to obtain customer satisfaction for us. Sheenstar Machinery starts from the details and takes a more stable and long-term step by step. Why don’t you come and consult us?

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