Before using the beer filling machine, it is necessary to find out the relevant operation keys. During the working process of the beer filling machine, you should observe whether the parameters on the equipment are normal in real time, and you cannot leave at will. Various problems that may occur in the filling machine, the operator of the beer filling machine must receive professional training , so as to ensure the stable operation of the beer filling equipment. So what are the key points to pay attention to when using the beer filling machine?

Daily maintenance instructions for beer filling machine:

1. First of all, the beer filling machine can be used correctly to ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment. Before re-use, the operator should properly use the equipment and carry out daily maintenance work.

2. Clean the surface every day, and it must not be contaminated with dust; before operating the beer filling machine, first clean the equipment hygienically.

3. Check the high-temperature cloth of the equipment, and replace the high-temperature cloth for the equipment in time. After each operation, organize it and put it aside.

4. Spray paint on the surface of the beer filling machine every three months.

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