Automatic Carton Open Case Filling Case Sealing

20-25 package/min
convenient to maintain
PLC procedure automatic control
Transparent film

Product Description

1.suitable for a variety of sizes of carton opening, sealing,can manually adjust if change carton size, operate easy.

2.Adopt vertical cardboard store type, can supply the cardboard at any time no need stopping machine.

3.Automatic open carton, automatic fold cover, automatic sealing the bottom, machine use PLC+ human-machine screen control, operate easy, repair easy,and performance is stable, it is the indispensable machine for automatic production line.

4. Rationally design and suck up and form carton synchronously,folding the bottom and sealing the bottom are smoothly.

5. Volume is light and smart,machine parts are durable,running no shake and working life is long.

6. Add the transparent organic glass protection cover,it will stop when open the door,avoid the accident if operate error.

7.use this carton erector replace of worker,can reduce 2-3 workers,can save 5-10% consumable materials and can increase 30% efficiency, it can greatly save cost, increase efficiency and realize packing standardization

Coordinate type two grab carton machine adopts deceleration motor through synchronous belt drive, along the linear guide to achieve the grab bottle head coordinate type lifting and transverse movement, to achieve bottled products into the carton.

I, Main structure and function

The YCZX16K packing machine consists of the bottle enter conveyor, the carton enter conveyor, the guide carton assembly, the delivery roller line, the moving rack, the lifting bracket, the grab head assembly, the rack and the electrical control parts.

1. Adopt international advanced technology; use imported components and parts, electric components.

2. According to carton’s size, automatically adjust the different cartons’ height and width.

3. Automatically fold carton up cover, up and down automatically paste adhesive tape, economic and fast and smooth and steady.

4. Add the knife protection device, avoid the accident if operate error.

5. Operate easy and convenient can run separately and can also connect with the automatic packaging line.


This automatic packing machine is for packing bottles in one package.

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