Automatic One Plate Type Carton Packing Machine

20-25 package/min
convenient to maintain
PLC procedure automatic control
Transparent film

Product Description

1. Cardboard form:

Cardboard form: Pre-cut flat cardboard

Cardboard plate:Horizontal

2. Power voltage:

Power source:3 phase,380 V,50HZ -60HZ


Lighting source:220V\50Hz

Control voltage:DC24V

3. Air supply

Pressure force:0.6~0.8Mpa (no oil no water)

Air consumption:1000NL/min

4. Equipment color, dimension & weight

Equipment color:Light gray

Whole dimension:L=6500mm、W=2750mm、H=2180mm

Whole weight:2800kg

5. Conveyor linking part height:

Bottle feeding conveyor line height: 1200mm±50(PET、cans)

Out of the box conveyor line height :720mm±50

6. Environmental conditions

The environment temperature:lowest 10℃、highest 40℃


7. Working noise:≤85Db

8. The technical requirement for material:


Outside surface of kraft paper:120 ~ 180 g/ sq . m .

The inner surface kraft paper:130~ 150 g/ sq . m .


This automatic packing machine is for packing bottles in one package.

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