New technology 1200 bph 13 liter big bottle pure water non-touch filling machine

Suitable for 5 liter bottle ,10 liter bottle ,15 liter bottle.
Capacity :2000 bph
Suitable for drink water ,pure water ,mineral water.

Product Description

This machine integrates the washing, filling and capping, and is equipped with a lid disinfection channel. First flush the empty bottle, then fill the 13 liter bottle with purified water, and finally seal it.

This water filling machine adopts new high-precision filling technology, non-contact filling avoids the contact between filling valve and water. High quality 316 stainless steel is easy to clean and has long service life.

The table top of this three in one water filling machine is slope type, which will make the table not easy to accumulate water and keep it dry.

The main machine of this equipment is sealed, the doors and windows adopt the newly designed sealing method, equipped with a top cover and built-in lamp tube, which can not only ensure that no dust falls into the machine, but also have lighting for easy viewing and maintenance of the equipment.

Washing part

The imported special high-efficiency nozzle is adopted, and the cleaning water is sprayed at a specific angle, which can clean any part of the inner wall, wash thoroughly with water and save the washing bottle.
304 stainless steel

Filling part
The bottle washing, filling and sealing are carried out by means of thumb wheel and bottleneck connection.
High precision contactless filling
316 stainless steel

Sealing part
304 stainless steel
After passing through the disinfection channel, the cover reaches the sealing part for sealing, and is transferred to other rear packaging systems by transportation.

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Products Details

Technical Parameter

Washing Heads812
Filling Heads812
Capping Heads34
Capacity(b/h)base on 12 liter550850
Suitable Bottle Shapecirular,square
Suitable capsplastic screw cap
Bottle Size5 Liter-15 Lilter


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