Sticker Labelling Machine

This labeling machine is for hot melt OPP sticking
suitable for different bottles
shrinking label
with shrinking tunnel and steam generator

Product Description

1. 3 phase 50Hz approx 10000w

2. Length: 3200mm(the conveyor can be adjusted according to customer requirement)

3. Width: 1550mm

4. Height: 2140mm

5. Conveyor speed: 30m/min(speed is adjustable)

6. Type of speed adjustment: frequency conversion stepless speed regulating

7. Max speed of label output: 90m/min

8. Max speed of label sticking: 10,000pcs/hour(can be adjustable)

9. Precision of label output: ±0.5mm

10. precision of label sticking: ±0.5mm

11. Product dimension: customer please provide the bottle sample

12. Length(height) of label: 15-150mm(can be adjusted according to bottle sample)

13. Height of bottle: 70-360mm(can be set according to bottle sample)

14. Diameter of bottle: 30-90mm(can be set according to bottle sample)

15. Max diameter of film roll: 500mm

16. Diameter of paper element: 3 inches (6 inches is optional)

17. Position to put roll: single position

18. Glue type: hot melt glue

19. Glue temp: 120-160℃

20. Label type: PP film label, paper and plastic mixture label, paper label.

21. Compressed air: 8kg/cm2. Buyer should prepare the air compressor

22. Weight: Approx: 2500kg

Main Advantages:

150 bottles per minute

suitable for different bottles

shrinking label

with shrinking tunnel and steam generator


This Automatic hot melt OPP stick label machine is for sticking labels on bottles.

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