Problems that need to be paid attention to when replacing the filter material of water treatment equipment
  1. Tools needed to replace quartz sand and activated carbon: pipe wrench, sand suction pipe, raw tape.
  2. Before replacing quartz sand and activated carbon, a comprehensive inspection of the water treatment equipment should be carried out to see if the customer’s water treatment equipment has damaged parts that have not been found. If so, it should be explained to the customer in time, and the operating parameters should be recorded. Especially the water inlet pressure of quartz sand and activated carbon.
  3. Shutdown of water treatment equipment: First of all, if there is reverse osmosis, the main engine pump of reverse osmosis should be stopped first, then the original water pump should be stopped, and then the water inlet of the original pump should be closed.
  4. When changing sand charcoal, it is generally: first change the charcoal and then change the sand, because the activated carbon that has just been loaded should be soaked in water first, so that it is fully wet, and the air between the carbon particles and the internal voids is removed, so that the carbon particles do not float in the air. Water, but also to save time. First put a small amount of water at the bottom of the carbon canister, and then put the activated carbon into it.
  5. The filling volume of activated carbon is about 60% of the total volume of the carbon filter tank. in order to leave enough space for backwashing. After filling the carbon, put water into the carbon canister, so that all the water can soak the activated carbon.
  6. Before replacing the quartz sand, a small amount of water should also be injected into the sand tank, and the quartz sand should be filled in the order of large sand on the bottom and small sand on the top. The filling volume of quartz sand is about 80% of the sand tank.
  7. After the quartz sand is filled, re-install the water treatment equipment. For washable quartz sand, it is necessary to confirm whether the valve is opened correctly before washing, that is, the inlet valve and the upper exhaust valve, and close the inlet valve of activated carbon. Then open the original water pump, first wash, then backwash. Then the front and back washes are performed alternately. Until the water coming out of the waste valve is clarified.
  8. Acknowledging that the quartz sand has been washed, turn on the original water pump to clean the activated carbon, first wash and then backwash, and wash until the effluent is clear and colorless, and can be put into use after there are no fine particles. When cleaning activated carbon, close the water inlet of the softener.

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