The pure water production line for pet bottleshas been shipped to the customer’s factory and engineers are install the machinery. The customer spoke highly of this water production line.


In order to meet customer requirements, XGFH32-32-8 uses high-speed valves, the output can reach 18,000 bottles per hour for 600ml plastic bottle. The filling part adopts the latest filling technology. Vacuum is used to ensure that no air in the bottle affects the quality of the beverage before filling into bottles.

The full water production line includes the water treatment system, air delivery, washing filling capping 3 in 1 machine, blow dryer, sleeve labeler and film charter.


The water treatment system for water filtering is made from customer’s water sourse according to water report. The air conveyors used to transform empty bottles from bottle blowing machine to the washing part. After washing filling capping the water, the fulled water bottle come to automatic labeling machine and shrink packing machine by conveyors.

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