The Chinese giant manufacturer of water and beverage packaging solutions, Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co., Ltd, today announces the forthcoming canton fair, the 127th China import and export fair. This is a 10 day online event scheduled for June 15 and runs till June 24. The program features the latest technological upgrades and new range of water filling machines in the company’s portfolio. Visitors can join the live room at Sheenstar online booth No. 2.1k45, and follow the event as it unfolds.

With the growing need for more efficient devices to handle the ever increasing global demand for beverage products and potable water, Sheenstar delivers yet another wide range of water filling machines and beverage filling machines to their portfolio. There is no better time of the year to introduce these upgrades. With the recent outbreak that has put economic activities on hold, the coming year demand will be in double speed.

As the juice market continues to grow, so do filling challenges. Whether for hot or cold filling, Sheenstar offers specific benefits to make your job easier.

Temperature management is always a concern in hot filling. With this in mind, Sheenstar develops a unique temperature management system that works in conjunction. The newly developed system allows the temperature management of the product and the temperature of the filling valves in the event of a line stop. The operator can position the recovery tray to purge the product into the fill valves, sending a small amount of product to reprocess until production can be reestablished.

Hygiene is a constant concern in filling, but in cold juice filling it becomes more important. As they cannot use heat to kill micro-organisms, they must be eliminated before they come into contact with the product. Sheenstar offers a line of new technological upgrades to help with disinfection. The technology uses ultraviolet light to kill micro-organisms and ensure that your product remains safe. It doesn’t affect the integrity, taste or texture of the beverage.

In addition to the range of water filling machines, other devices that will be featured include a variety of beverage can filling machinesand more. These set of filling equipment are designed to fill up to 405 hectoliters of liquid per hour in bottles without foam and with millimeter precision.However, there is one thing that sets the company apart from marathon runners: the wide variety of beverage filling machines are meticulously designed to keep energy and resource consumption to a minimum, especially when environmental components come into play. The machines and systems have been shown in impartial tests to work with great ecological efficiency.

Having established as a reputable water filling machine supplier, Sheenstar technology Co., Ltd supplies to more than 40 countries across South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America. In addition to supplying top quality beverage filling machines, we also provide great professional after-sales services.

To know more about the Canton fair, and other services we render, visit us on our website.

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