SHEENSTARalready again finished one set ofbarrel water filling machine, this large bucket water filling production line can produce450 barrels water per hour. Our engineer is commissioning barrel water fillingmachine.

SHEENSTARengineers have more than 10years of experience in production and commissioningbeverage filling machine, we can ensure that our fillingmachine can run very well with good qualityin the buyerfactory.

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, tap water can no longer meet people’s needs for safe drinking water. Therefore, people choose barrelwater as their main source of drinking water in their daily lives. Therefore, many people are planning to build barrelwater plants. When choosing a barrelwater filling machine, in order to help you further understand the equipment, today I will introduce the technical characteristics of the barrelwater filling machine.

Barrel Water Filling Machine

1. Security and reliability guarantee

All electrical and pneumatic components are imported and brand-name products. Each single machine of the entire production line is controlled by PLC. Each part is equipped with safety detection devices to ensure the continuous coordination and normal operation of the single machine and the entire line during operation. Fully consider the fault protection device of the whole line and single machine. Superior design and sophisticated manufacturing ensure the reliable operation of the entire equipment line.

2. Degree of automation

The whole production line adopts automatic operation design, which has a high degree of automation. Except for manual operation (such as light inspection, etc.), the whole line is in an automatic working state, especially in the filling and purification room to reduce secondary pollution.

3. Equipment operating cost

Using optimized technology and design, under the premise of ensuring product quality, minimize production and operation costs.

4. Applicability

Different customers have their own different characteristics of each condition and site. Our company’s equipment products have great adaptability and randomness, and can be adjusted and installed appropriately according to different complex sites.

5. Operational performance

Operation instructions adopt advanced computer man-machine interface. Full control of machine operation and fault display.

Barrel Water Filling Machine

6. Design of the whole barrel water filling machine

(1) In addition to the stable and reliable design and the simplicity of operation and maintenance, our barrelwater filling machinealso fully considers the production logistics route, reducing the investment cost of other parts of the entire process.

(2)The cover adopts a new design. The ball can reduce the pressure of the puller and effectively save energy. The cover is transferred from the cover lifter device to the sterilization channel. After the sterilization, the cover reaches the sealing part and waits for the cover.

(3)This machine is made of high-quality sus304, with long service life and easier cleaning.

(4)Hang the bottle neck on the bottle with a clamp and enter the machine through an air conveyor to maintain the shape and speed of the bottle.

(5)The cleaning part not only takes a long time to rinse, but also greatly improves the production capacity.

SHEENSTARprovides a complete set of water, beverage, and carbonated beverage production line equipment, automated production, reduces manpower input, and realizes efficient production. Customers and friends are welcome to visit the factory to inquire.

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