The training is an inclusive training involving members of all levels and departments of the company. During the training session, company management, department heads and workers must actively participate.

Sheenstar Company will irregular hold safety training meeting every year, it will include the personnel safety technology operating rules of retraining for each operation craft during the process of production , such as electricians, welders, drilling machine workers, grinder workers, electric cutting worker, assembling workers and so on, ensure each staff to obey the rules of the safety technology and use the operation attention.

Sheenstar can provide you turnkey projects for bottle blowing machine, beverage filling machine, water filling machine, labeling machine, packaging machine and other equipment.

Sheenstar Safety Training Meeting

Benefits of safety training

1. First of all, employees have the basic knowledge of responding to emergencies and protection during their work. They can easily learn from each other, thereby improving the skills that employers and customers need to avoid hidden dangers.

2. Secondly, the understanding of danger will arouse the awareness of everyone in the company, namely their respective responsibilities, to formulate emergency plans to avoid any form of danger in the company’s daily work, daily activities.

3.Third, safety training also helps improve people’s knowledge of emergency handling procedures, handling methods and measures in different situations, and enhance the knowledge of common emergency tools among employees.

Sheenstar, a water filling machine manufacturer in China, will continue to strengthen labor protection, improve working conditions, safeguard the vital interests of workers and employees, and promote enterprise development.

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