The filling machine manufacturer-Sheenstarhas been paying close attention to this news since the first “BeltandRoad” Forum for International Cooperationin 2017. Now The Second “BeltandRoad” Forum for International Cooperation will be held in Beijing, China from April 25th to 27th. Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the opening ceremony of the summit forum and deliver a keynote speech.

The Second "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation

Up to now, according to the water filling machine supplier – Sheenstarunderstands, the leaders from 37 countries will attend the round table summit forum, they are from Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brunei, Cambodia, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. At the same time, the UN Secretary-General and the President of the International Monetary Fund will also attend. Together with China, total 40 leaders gathered in Beijing. In addition, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, South Korea and the European Union will also send high-level representatives in this Summit Forum.

Sheenstar Company wishes this summit forum to achieve a complete success.

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