The pandemic situation around the world has affected a lot of individuals, businesses and even governments, and by implication foreign trade has also been affected.

fruit juice filling production machine

This is why top-ranking organizations, companies and brands such as Sheenstar, with a high commitment to customer satisfaction have been thinking up new ways and strategizing on how to serve customers in the best way possible.

And as a company that is also proactive, forward thinking and well concerned with the satisfaction of our teaming customers, we are also not left out, and we are always working all round the clock to ensure that the high-quality service delivery we are known for remains a synonymous attribute to our brand.

Well, due to the prevailing global challenges staring at the faces of many companies, coupled with a restriction in movement between countries, from the first half of the year 2020, a large number of the foreign trade orders, which we have received so far from our loyal clients have been placed through our online channels.

And since our esteemed customers can’t come down to our factory to carry out a personal inspection our or equipment and machines before they are shipped to them, they would rather entrust their friends and family resident in china to help in checking and inspecting the equipment and also supervise shipment as well as the installation process.

Also worthy of mention is the fact that even without a direct supervision of our services by our esteemed client, all our installation services go on smoothly without a compromise in delivery. This, you can tell is our determined way to stay true to our loyal clients.

And as a way of reaching out to our client who cannot afford to have us in person to service and supervise their equipment, we also take the responsibility of being the shoulder they can always lean on when the need arises by offering remote installation services at no additional cost.

Shipment Specification And Terms Of Delivery

Our well-curated turnkey water production line is majorly used for filling bottled water of various volumes such as 500mL, 1000mL, 1500mL, and 2000mL.

The entire water production line set, comprises of drinking water treatment equipment, drinking water filling machine, bottled water film packaging machine amongst a number of others handy components that are designed to help you have a hitch-free production process.

To crown the amazing high-tech specification of our water production line, the shipment is designed to occupy a space of 2000 square meters, and after one month, the equipment will arrive the country of the customer with proper tracking protocol of this shipment made available to our clients.

How we intend to serve you despite the challenges

As earlier mentioned, we are making efforts to ensure that your purchase process is a hitch-free process regardless of the current global challenges.

Also, as a way of ensuring that we manufacture the best equipment that matches our customers’ specification, we will work on treating each of your orders more meticulously and thoroughly by repeatedly confirming the technical parameters before making the order.

And as we kick off the manufacturing process, we will ensure a quality manufacturing and production process, ensure acceptance and debugging before shipment takes place, and also by guaranteeing premium and top notch packaging and installation.

Our Continued Commitment To Serving You Better

At every step, we do not leave anything to chance in the hope that a smooth buying experience, which we promise our clients is upheld and fulfilled.

Also, our top priority and focus still remains the manufacturing of premium drinking water filling production equipment, and carbonated beverage filling production equipment.

And currently, our company prides in our reliable and highly-experienced engineers who are always on ground and are saddled with the responsibility to install and debug all our filling machines abroad.

Finally, be rest assured in our team of seasoned engineers and sales professionals, who are highly skilled in providing professional solutions for all water and beverage filling and packaging machine related questions and queries.

For more information about our premium water production line purchase and services, kindly contact us for the best services within reach.

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