Why do consumers choose soda? As people’s health needs become more and more urgent, consumers’ purchase of beverages has changed from a refreshing carbonated drink to mineral water and soda water. Among them, soda water can not only quench thirst, as a healthy drink, it is being hyped and promoted by beverage manufacturers. It is said that soda water has many effects. The effects of “changing acidic body”, “whitening skin”, “treating and relieving constipation” and so on have even driven the popularity of soda water.

In recent years, soda water has a considerable market in the world. How to produce soda water on the production line? Firstly, the purified water should be sterilized by ozone, and then mixed with auxiliary materials and additives, then filtered by double filter. Before filling, the bottles cleaned by pure water and the caps sterilized by ozone should be placed on the filling machine for aseptic filling, and then labeling, code printing and other processes should be carried out to complete the production.

In order to avoid the pollution of soda water in the filling process, the filling production line needs to meet the following basic requirements: (1) the product is sterilized to be sterile; (2) the packaging materials and sealed containers are to be sterile; (3) the filling machineis sterile; (4) the filling and capping should be carried out in a sterile environment.

Aseptic filling technology has been applied in commercial production so far, the development of technology has been improving day by day, and has become the high-tech comprehensive integration of high-end technology. With the support of computer technology, the whole production control process of aseptic filling equipment is completed by computer program according to the predetermined program. The environment, temperature, pressure difference and other factors in the process are monitored by the computer control system according to the set parameters. The production stability, product quality and comprehensive economic benefits are very high.

To improve the quality of soda water, the aseptic filling machineis very important. The full automatic aseptic filling machine cansimplifythe work of operators, reduces the manual participation, and greatly improves the production efficiency. The development of aseptic filling system also accelerates the growth of soda water market.

Sheenstar has introduced aseptic filling technology, not only for soda water, but also for drinking water, purified water, and juice beverage filling machines. We all use aseptic filling for operations. If you want to make better drinks and healthier purified water, please contact Sheenstar.

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